Sleeping guy…maybe

And for my first post, a funny and kind of gross story from the poker room.

So I’m at work today and I see this guy around 55-60 years old curled up and what appears to be sleeping in the corner in a sitting area.  I go back to ask him to get up and notice his shorts are pushed down to his knees, his buttons are undone, one hand is down his pants, the other is underneath his but, his shirt is barely covering his wiener, and I have no clue if he’s actually sleeping.  I tell him to get up and leave and he looks up and just kind of stares at me.  Thankfully a security person was walking into the room at the time, so I relayed this info to him.  He went back and told the guy to get dressed and get out.

About 20 minutes later, the security guy comes back and asks me if I’ve seen that guy anymore and I said no.  He said he needed to find this guy and remove him from the property as they were tracking him around the casino because he kept trying to go into areas that aren’t widely traveled and doing the same thing as mentioned above.

Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with people?  I didn’t think at that age he would be fapping so much, let alone doing it in a poker room where there isn’t all that much to fap fap over.   Maybe he was just itchy, I don’t know.


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